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educational transformation

Leading institutions of education is about managing students, adults, parents and the community in a manner that honors the unique needs of all stakeholders, yet holding firm to core beliefs, values, and priorities. The challenge for educational organizations is sustaining change initiatives designed to transform teaching and learning. Our team has over 15 years of experience leading change reforms that:

  • Supports Job embedded implementation     

  • ​Builds capacity of teacher and administrative leaders within the organization

  • Analyzes organizational processes to for institutional change      

  • Provides onsite consultation

  • Identifies clear goals and objectives that are measurable, realistic, and time-bound

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of change efforts throughout the process

  • Utilizes high –yield models of support that are most effective to leading change


Navigating the dynamic structures of the marketplace requires knowledge of foundational operations of the finance industry, while maintaining a deep awareness of the changes that impact money markets across the world. Our financial service provides customized plans for individuals, small businesses, innovative start-ups, and large organizations to facilitate intelligent financial planning to secure the financial future of our clients.

risk management

project management

Customized training and professional development